Out of the Office

Fresh Air. We all need it. Taking a break from our high-tech multitasking lives gives us a chance to restore focus, increase problem solving and alleviate stress. Knowing when its time to disconnect can bring a fresher perspective and energy when it’s time to reconnect.

When adventure calls, here are some of the places our team has trekked. Warning- these pictures may cause some wanderlust. How many vacation days do you have left this year?

Marissa’s girls trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was cool, maybe even a little cold surrounded by those snow-capped mountains!


aaronAaron found beautiful places to reflect on his adventure.


clangChris Lang traveled west to Iao Valley on Maui.


patrickAround the office, Patrick usually looks pretty tall. But when you travel to the Pacific Northwest, you get a different perspective.


jeffJeff took a different form of transportation during his tour of the Pacific Northwest.


heather2Heather is an ambitious backpacker. Not many would embark on a hike down the Grand Canyon, but Heather does it with a smile!


caliAt Yellowstone National Park, Cali was impressed by the wildlife.


Sometimes disconnecting means no land in sight! Adrienne found some peaceful disconnect time on a trip to Thailand.