What We’re Reading

Our team is an eclectic group of dreamers, doers, leaders, and just plain likable people! Unsurprisingly, our interests are diverse. Here’s what a few of us are reading to learn new skills, grow as people, or just for fun.



Chapters by Candace Carpenter

“It’s about transitions when new opportunities take life in a different direction, or when major “chapters” of your life come to a close. Dealing with those transitions powerfully and with clarity about the totality of your life and how each of your chapters fit. It’s about being comfortable with change and embracing new definitions of yourself and your life.”

Adrienne Palmer, President & Founder



The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan

It is considered “The Bible” of C programming, written by the creators of the C language. It’s a little dry and technical, but is a good reminder of where modern languages came from (since most of them are based in C, in one way or another) , and how to simplify your thinking about problem solving and software.

Ryan Mattes, Senior Developer



America’s War for the Greater Middle East by Andrew Bacevich

The history of American intervention in the Middle East from the Carter administration to late 2014. It describes the reasoning behind each intervention, the strategies taken, the effect on the region, and the reaction of both the American politicians and the American population to the events. An enlightening look at the politics and reasoning around our Middle East policy, as well as very clarifying as to how we got to where we are today.

Ryan Mattes, Senior Developer



A Book Apart Series

This series consists of short, easy to read books written by some of the best and brightest in our industry and cover topics like design to front-end development to content strategy.

Chris Lang, Senior Front End Developer



The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

Creativity is tricky. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not- and it’s hard to know why it is that way! This book helps examine the way we approach thinking and how to set ourselves up to do our best thinking on demand. Henry advocates for establishing creative rhythms to harness the energy and thought.

Megan Smith, Art Director